PAINFUL REMINDER is what happens when folk singers go bad. It's for when you want to stare into the depths of human depravity and despair, but you want to hum a catchy tune while you do it - to snap your fingers with one hand and hold a shotgun to your head with the other.

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World of Filth and Sin

  • Blood on the Cold Blue Moon (mp3)
  • Other People's Girlfriends (mp3)
  • ...and fifteen more.


The current and only release, reprising and greatly expanding the sold-out One Way Ticket - Songs to Slit Your Wrists By.

Listener Reviews:

"This album says fuck everything. It says fuck you, fuck me, fuck you for caring about me, fuck anyone who thinks there's a point to life... and fuck Indiana." -- Maui Threv

"Every song is like a punch in the face." -- Alice Phillips

"...It was then that I put in One Way Ticket, and incidentally also the same night I learned to drink whiskey from the bottle." -- DV

"A good listen for an evening alone, when you feel very, very alone." -- Jonathan Chaffin

"This gets in your ear and snakes its way down to that jagged hole in your heart left by an Ex who didn't have one, and makes a comfortable home in there." -- Will Moss

"The name says it all. All the pain and venom associated with getting shit on and throwing it back." -- Duncan Brennan

"Most of the songs, if you're not in the best mood to begin with, are like tying a brick to your ankle and throwing yourself in a river." -- Laura King

"Painful Reminder has a strong message to deliver: No, Virginia, there is no Santa Claus; he broke his neck coming down the chimney with a bag of coal just for you." -- Nicole Duffey

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