• Merchandise can be purchased from Dead Nude Girls Fine Clothiers.
  • New recordings are being mixed by Maui Threv of Nophi Recordings.
  • Our press kit, for interested booking agents, is here:
  • Promotional postcard - front and back
  • Promotional business card - front and back
  • These are notes from the songwriter about each of the songs on One Way Ticket: Songs To Slit Your Wrists By. If you come from the school of thought that says everyone brings their own meaning to a song, and that hearing what the songwriter thinks about it can only ruin it for you, don't click this link.
  • Complete guitar tablature for One Way Ticket: Songs To Slit Your Wrists By, for any musicians who want to cover one of our songs. (Please do!)
  • Our old page has a charm all its own.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is the next show?
    If you're not on the mailing list, please email me (pynk @ with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line, and I'll add you to the mailing list. You will not receive very much email as a result, but you will hear about what few shows we play.

  2. When is a new song/album coming out?
    This will also be announced to the mailing list. (See previous answer.)

  3. About what (or whom) did you write [song XYZ]?
    Despite any myths you might hear, most artists aren't very effective at portraying serious emotional pain when they're right in the throes of it. While it is necessary, I think, to have suffered in order to have the right experience to draw on (assuming your art is about suffering), the shit I write in the midst of a heavy depression just doesn't sound like a decent song. It sounds like bad goth poetry or something, so it almost never sees the light of day. A lot of Painful Reminder songs are actually written from the point of view of one of my friends who related something terrible to me. (I've always been the kind of friend you talk to when something terrible is happening, for some reason.) And I've never actually had anyone (girlfriend-wise, for example) do something so egregious to me that I thought it justified really dedicating one of these songs to him/her. (Well, not one of these particular songs anyway.) For the most part, I'm writing about a feeling, and trying to do it in an abstracted enough way that makes it easy for people to relate the lyrics to themselves. So, I can't honestly say the songs are about anything in particular from my own life. It may sound like a cop-out, but anything else would be a fib.

  4. How can I contact the band?
    Email Ben (Pynk) at: pynk @

  5. Would you like me to revamp your shitty webpage for you?
    I can edit these pages in a text editor (such as Notepad) from any public computer without having to install special software. It loads quickly for people viewing it, even without a fast connection, and it looks just as good regardless of anyone's particular screen resolution, text size, browser plug-ins, security settings, or browser window shape/size. This, I'll have you know, is how web design was always supposed to be. So unless your design meets those criteria (read: no Java or Flash bullshit) and still looks better than my design does, then thanks but no thanks.

  6. Why are you so opinionated about web pages?
    Back off, man. I'm a computer scientist.