Our first release, now sold out, was called One Way Ticket: Songs To Slit Your Wrists By, presented here for your downloading pleasure. If you like it, buy something from our CD Baby page.

Complete album (.zip)

  1. Happy Birthday (lyrics) (mp3)
  2. On The Road To Hell (lyrics) (mp3)
  3. Self-Fulfilling Prophets (lyrics) (mp3)
  4. Blow, blow, thou winter wind (lyrics) (mp3)
  5. Fucking And Crying (lyrics) (mp3)
  6. Cosmo Girl (lyrics) (mp3)
  7. What You Do Not Understand (lyrics) (mp3)
  8. Indiana (lyrics) (mp3)
  9. Smash (lyrics) (mp3)
  10. Growing To Hate (lyrics) (mp3)
  11. No More (lyrics) (mp3)
  12. I Only Wanted You For Sex (lyrics) (mp3)