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Our first and only release is called One Way Ticket: Songs To Slit Your Wrists By. Please buy one. We will mutilate an orphan for every CD that doesn't sell.

The disk is black on both top AND bottom (though it still plays on standard equipment, don't worry) and individually hand-painted and numbered. It's over an hour long, and the track list is as follows:

  1. Happy Birthday
  2. On The Road To Hell
  3. Self-Fulfilling Prophets
  4. Blow, blow, thou winter wind
  5. Fucking And Crying
  6. Cosmo Girl
  7. What You Do Not Understand
  8. Indiana
  9. Smash
  10. Growing To Hate
  11. No More
  12. I Only Wanted You For Sex

Download the mp3s here


"This album says fuck everything. It says fuck you, fuck me, fuck you for caring about me, fuck anyone who thinks there's a point to life -- and fuck Indiana." -- Maui Threv

"Most of the songs, if you're not in the best mood to begin with, are like tying a brick to your ankle and throwing yourself in a river." -- Laura King

"Painful Reminder has a strong message to deliver: 'No, Virginia, there is no Santa Claus; he broke his neck coming down the chimney with a bag of coal just for you.'" -- Nicole Duffey

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